‘NIT maritime’ reduces both your investment (CAPEX) and your monthly operating costs (OPEX), enabling you to create a reliable budget for IT & communications.

The integrated and modular solution ‘NIT maritime’ is specially designed for the maritime industry and meets the highest requirements for today’s IT services, IT infrastructures, Cyber-Security & VSAT Communications – both on land and at sea.

The full added value results from the combination of the different modules to a fully integrated solution.

Of course, individual modules are also available as stand-alone solutions and can be supplemented by additional modules at any time.


• Preventive IT Services
• Strategic IT planning
• Ships Anti Virus
• Firewalling
• Infrastructure Services
• Cyber Security
• Rollout Services
• Backup Services
• Hosting / Housing
• Service Desk
• Remote Service
• Global Services


NIT Ocean Connect
•Integrierte Firewall
•Crew-internet ticket System – Quota System

•Inmarsat inkl KA

VSAT Systems
•Global & Regional
•Rental system
•Lease system
•Local phone nbr

•Least cost routing
•airtime Flatrate
•Metered Plans
•Crew Quota
•Data Pools


• Vessel & IT Monitoring

• Data Replication
(frequent / on demand)

• Data Provider
(Inhouse & 3rd party)

• Online Dashboard

• Advisory Tool

• 24/7 Service desk